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The Farmer’s Daughter offers thoughtful gifts and contemporary homewares that are born from the appreciation of beauty in life’s simplest things and the power of creating ritual and habit in the spaces we love. We source timeless pieces that showcase our love of textiles, handcrafting and sustainable design. And we love that they tell the story of the incredible Australians who created them. Our goal is that every piece can be used to create beauty and moments of connection between the home around you and the home within you.

Hi, I’m Georgie

I am a real farmer’s daughter. Both my beloved father and step-father are farmers. From them I learned grit and the fine art of how to handle myself. And from my most elegant, graceful mother, I learned the importance of always being kind and giving in every circumstance and to every living thing. 

Growing up I was fortunate enough to spend my life in a mixed upbringing of city and rural living. I was very blessed to experience from an early age the vast beauty Australia has to offer. As a young person I often returned to my parents’ properties to help out, but in my early 20’s I knew that I couldn’t leave. I had fallen in love with the hills, waterfalls - and lack of mobile coverage. 

A few years after running the family business alongside my wonderful parents, I started catching up with a dear old school friend of mine. It was instant love. This was a great love, the kind of love where you realise you didn’t know you had been searching for home your whole life, but all of a sudden, you are there. 

“My darling Lachie and I moved in together and life was as close to heaven on earth as I could possibly ever imagine it.”

Unfortunately, a few years later, Lachie was in a major motor vehicle accident which saw him wheelchair bound for nine months learning to walk. I felt honoured in my role as carer. Thanks to Lachie’s strength and determination we moved back home just over a year after his accident and even in our deepest struggles, we became a formidable team. 

Tragically, due to the complications from his accident, my darling Lachie passed away in my arms on our property on 4 December 2020. It was a day I will never forget, but is not the day that defines who Lachie and I are. 

Since that day, I have learnt how to live with grief. It has nearly broken me at times. But despite this, I move forward by always remembering how lucky I am that Lachie chose me in this world and that I was so loved by him. 

Running the family farm alone since he left, I realised I needed to reach for happiness again. 

So, I began a journey to consciously take moments to be present, recognise the beauty around me, create spaces of beauty, habit and ritual that nourished me within. I want to share this beauty with you all so our lives can be enriched with joy and peace for every lucky moment we have. 

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