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Dimmy tea

Dimmy Tea - Loose leaf tea - Honey Infused Chai

Dimmy Tea - Loose leaf tea - Honey Infused Chai

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Dimmy's own chai spice blend paired with organic Ceylon tea leaves, and infused with pure Australian honey, sourced locally in the Tamworth region. 

Perfect for those who love a sweet, milky chai latte style tea- this sticky honey infused chai is like a big warm hug! 

Super easy to prepare- make it in a teapot, use an infuser, or make it on the stove. You can even pop it straight into your milk jug, add milk and steam using your espresso machine frothing/steam wand! Delish!

Each jar contains approximately 20 serves/120g.

Presented in an amber glass jar!

Please note: as pure honey is used, crystallisation may occur in cool temperatures. Don't worry though, the heating process of making a delicious Honey Chai will have it super sticky and delicious again in no time. Will not affect flavour :)

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