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Luna + Earth White Sage Cleansing Mist

Luna + Earth White Sage Cleansing Mist

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Luna + Earth have created this sacred white sage mist for cleansing your spaces, it is a great alternative then using smoke if you are too sensitive to smoke and is great to clear the energy.


White Sage have long been used by many indiginous cultures around the world for thousands of years to cleanse energy around your home and space from negative energies and to bring you closer to your ancestors, spirit and the natural world. It purifies your energy and brings you into balance.

It is used in ritual and ceremony and is a sacred act that you are performing.

It brings a sense of presence and grounding to your aura and sacred places. When using this sacred plant it is important to set the intension you wish to bring in, give thanks to the sacred plant spirits, your ancestors and the four directions.


I would like to acknowledge the indiginous cultures for this medicine and give reverence to all apart of this sacred act.


This White Sage has been ethically sourced from california.

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