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Luna + Earth Moon Ritual Oil

Luna + Earth Moon Ritual Oil

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This Moon Ritual Oil is here so that you can use in your own rituals by anointing your forehead, or simply by dropping some on your pulse points or rubbing on your skin where you would like. It can be used everyday so you can create more ritual in your life.

These ingedients used will ignite all your senses so you can drop in with yourself and feel more connected to your feminine wisdom.

This oil has been infused with healing Clear Quartz crystal and lunar and solar energy over a lunar cycle. 


Ritual: Dab 3 drops into fingertips and rub onto your third eye and temples. Take 3 deeps breaths with your palms up to your face and say 'my life is filled with love and ritual'.


Ingredients: sweet almond oil, mugwort, lavender, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil and mugwort essential oil. 


Disclaimer: Even products that contain all natural ingredients, can cause skin reactions in susceptible individuals, especially if the products contain essential oils.

If you have sensitive skin, please do a patch test before use.

If use causes an adverse skin reaction, then discontinue use immediately, and see your doctor or pharmacist if no relief comes from rinsing the affected area in cool water or you are a concerned about any side effects you may have whilst using our skincare products.

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